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  • Backrooms: The Lore

    Backrooms: The Lore

    Backrooms: The Lore by Esyverse Backrooms: The Lore is an online multiplayer survival game where you play as a wanderer who noclipped out of reality. Collect valuables and survive each level to explore the Backrooms. This game is vaguely based on the Wikidot website for Backrooms and is currently in development.

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  • Jeremy’s Adventure

    Jeremy’s Adventure

    Play as Jeremy who is experimenting with a multi-dimensional teleporter. Go through a white window to go to different dimensions and finish each level to find the next window and enter a new world! Development Each level of this ‘combined’ game is made by Combination Jam 2021 participants: During Combination Jam 2021, participants created one level of a game that had Jeremy as their main…

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  • Bit Jail

    Bit Jail

    #1 Rated Funniest Game on Paint Jam 2020 #2 in Overall and Sounds, and #3 in Art Bit Jail is an escape room game with an MS Paint theme. Play as Mr. Anderson who has been jailed in a house. Solve puzzles to find two house keys and escape the jail, or at least try…

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  • Konkoor


    Konkoor is a very hard university exam in Iran. But in this game, our player takes a different exam to bypass Konkoor… Play as a desperate student who does anything to avoid studying. Solve puzzles of all sorts and get involved in the story of that university and its plans. Important notes for those who want…

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