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  • Backrooms: The Lore

    Backrooms: The Lore

    Backrooms: The Lore by Esyverse Backrooms: The Lore is an online multiplayer survival game where you play as a wanderer who noclipped out of reality. Collect valuables and survive each level to explore the Backrooms. This game is vaguely based on the Wikidot website for Backrooms and is currently in development.

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  • Hackniom Online

    Hackniom Online

    Hackniom Online’s servers have been shut down since 12 September 2023. Here is an unedited video of its gameplay: Roll around and collect gems with your friends in different handmade levels. Spend your hard-earned gems to customize your ball and hang out with up to 16 players at the same time! Hackniom Online is a cross-platform online multiplayer…

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