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  • Endium


    Endium is an unlimited source of power in Esyverse. It was first discovered on an undocumented planet by Livethink‘s space exploration program (Emercs) in 2007. Endium can generate electricity without decaying and generate a small amount of heat. It’s used to power up all types of electrical devices and vehicles. Livethink Corporation is the only…

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  • Dr. Bakhshandeh

    Dr. Bakhshandeh

    Dr. Boloe Bakhshandeh is one of Livethink’s retired lead scientists and a close friend of Mr. Anderson. He specializes in quantum mechanics and worked for Livethink Corporation from 2003-2007. Been Before Lore In January 2010, while Dr. Bakhshandeh was doing an independent experiment on time traveling in his garage, he managed to make a cross-dimension…

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  • Prof. Amini

    Prof. Amini

    Professor Arshia Amini is a health professional and the head of research for medicine at Livethink Corporation. He innovated a multipurpose healing agent under the name of Mendy in 2008.

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  • Shayan


    Shayan Shahpoor was the head of security at Livethink Corporation from 2070 to 2085. He was military-trained and skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. TWO BYTE Kidnapping In November 2075, Shayan was kidnapped by TWO BYTE to forcibly help them with manufacturing cyborgs after their failed Libre project. Shayan managed to escape TWO BYTE‘s factory…

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    TWO BYTE is an undercover company in Esyverse created and fully operated by faulty Livethink robots. In 2010, Livethink started improving AwesomeOS logic with artificial intelligence. By 2015, AwesomeOS could make decisions and chat with its users like a human; and even more intelligent than the average human being. Despite Livethink‘s safety measures, their AI…

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  • Bebinam


    Bebinam is a multipurpose social media platform and messenger application in Esyverse. It’s based on Livethink‘s internal messenger “Livethink App” which was launched for the public in November 2005. It’s considered one of the most popular platforms with over 700 million registered users worldwide. Bebinam users can upload videos, pictures, or any form of document…

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  • Soulnone


    Soulnone was one of Livethink‘s secret projects taking place on Anahita island. Its main focus was creating humanlike robots that can use Endium as their main power source. All details regarding the Soulnone project are highly classified, but rumors say that the new CEO of Livethink has personally initiated this project with a limited selection…

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  • Mendy


    Mendy is a medication used to cure muscle damage, restore blood loss, and general pain reliever. It was developed by Prof. Amini as a part of his research in Livethink. Upon entering the blood circulation, Mendy’s agents detect and heal any external and internal damage done to muscle tissues similar to the human body’s regenerative…

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  • Jeremy


    Jeremy is a supervisor at one of Livethink‘s offices. He was first introduced in Jeremy’s Adventures as the protagonist who was experimenting with a multi-dimensional teleporter made by Dr. Bakhshandeh. He was designed by Combination Jam 2021 participants so that he shares a common appearance to be used in different levels each participant made. He also doesn’t have a fixed…

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    REDACTED was EsyDrinks‘ main tester and one of the lead producers. He started working there in 2003 and has been awarded Employee of the Month three times. One of his greatest inventions was the “super CHOKH” energy drink which is very popular even today. REDACTED contracted a rare disease after he tested the first prototype of the SHASH energy…

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