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  • Prof. Amini

    Prof. Amini

    Professor Arshia Amini is a health professional and the head of research for medicine at Livethink Corporation. He innovated a multipurpose healing agent under the name of Mendy in 2008.

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  • Jeremy


    Jeremy is a supervisor at one of Livethink‘s offices. He was first introduced in Jeremy’s Adventures as the protagonist who was experimenting with a multi-dimensional teleporter made by Dr. Bakhshandeh. He was designed by Combination Jam 2021 participants so that he shares a common appearance to be used in different levels each participant made. He also doesn’t have a fixed…

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  • Jeremy Adventures Trailer

    Jeremy Adventures Trailer

    Jeremy Adventures is a collaboration game made by Combination Jam participants. Each participant made one level of this game which later got combined into a full game.

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  • Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson

    Afshin Anderson, commonly referred to as “Mr. Anderson”, is one of Livethink‘s co-founders and a lead scientist. He was born in Mehregan on 20 June 1979. His coworkers claim he has extraordinary intelligence and broad knowledge of science. Bit Jail Incident On 13 October 2008, Mr. Anderson was kidnapped by REDACTED and jailed in his house. A few days later,…

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  • Esyverse Universe

    Esyverse Universe

    Why is Esyverse Created? Esyverse is a fictional country (and sort of a universe) where most of the Esyverse games take place. Unlike the real world, anything can happen in Esyverse and any name, place or event can be labeled “fictional” since it is happening within Esyverse! I can use brand names that don’t exist and…

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  • Jeremy’s Adventure

    Jeremy’s Adventure

    Play as Jeremy who is experimenting with a multi-dimensional teleporter. Go through a white window to go to different dimensions and finish each level to find the next window and enter a new world! Development Each level of this ‘combined’ game is made by Combination Jam 2021 participants: During Combination Jam 2021, participants created one level of a game that had Jeremy as their main…

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  • Combination Jam Launcher Introduction

    Combination Jam Launcher Introduction

    Here I introduce the special Windows launcher app for the Combination Jam

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