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  • Splendtop


    Splendtop is an illegal underground team of criminals in Esyverse. They’re known for developing the strongest drug known to humanity called Drugulation. They’re also responsible for illegally manufacturing SHASH energy drinks with stolen ingredients from EsyDrinks.

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    SHASH is an illegal energy drink originally created by EsyDrinks. After its disastrous prototype test in 2003, EsyDrinks canceled the project and prohibited the development of a similar formula. It’s rumored to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C4, E, Z, G, G1, Q, W, O, P, F, V, Y, and U. It’s usually distributed…

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  • CHOKH Energy Drink

    CHOKH Energy Drink

    CHOKH is a high-power energy drink created by EsyDrinks. It’s packed inside blue 1-liter bottles or cyan 250-ml cans and is considered one of the most popular soft drinks in Esyverse. Since its launch in 1995, more than 200 billion bottles of super CHOKH have been sold worldwide. In 2002, after numerous complaints of the energy…

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  • EsyDrinks


    EsyDrinks is a beverage corporation in Esyverse. It manufactures, sells, and markets non-alcoholic beverages and syrups. Examples of EsyDrinks Products super CHOKH SHASH

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    REDACTED was EsyDrinks‘ main tester and one of the lead producers. He started working there in 2003 and has been awarded Employee of the Month three times. One of his greatest inventions was the “super CHOKH” energy drink which is very popular even today. REDACTED contracted a rare disease after he tested the first prototype of the SHASH energy…

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