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  • Splendtop


    Splendtop is an illegal underground team of criminals in Esyverse. They’re known for developing the strongest drug known to humanity called Drugulation. They’re also responsible for illegally manufacturing SHASH energy drinks with stolen ingredients from EsyDrinks.

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  • Esy


    Esy is a 22-year-old streamer in Esyverse. He has over 1 million subscribers on Bebinam platform. His most popular video is his gameplay of Abnormal. Esy is also the main protagonist in Drugulation who takes an experimental drug from Splendtop. He’s played by Ilia Esmaili Poor.

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    SHASH is an illegal energy drink originally created by EsyDrinks. After its disastrous prototype test in 2003, EsyDrinks canceled the project and prohibited the development of a similar formula. It’s rumored to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C4, E, Z, G, G1, Q, W, O, P, F, V, Y, and U. It’s usually distributed…

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  • Mendy


    Mendy is a medication used to cure muscle damage, restore blood loss, and general pain reliever. It was developed by Prof. Amini as a part of his research in Livethink. Upon entering the blood circulation, Mendy’s agents detect and heal any external and internal damage done to muscle tissues similar to the human body’s regenerative…

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  • Gelofen 500

    Gelofen 500

    Gelofen 500 is the only item in Esyverse whose name is taken from a real-world brand name, Gelofen®; with the difference that the Iranian version contains way fewer capsules than the Esyverse version and the packaging looks different: In Esyverse, a Gelofen bottle contains 200 capsules and each capsule contains 500mg of Ibuprofen while in…

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  • Drugulation Trailer

    Drugulation Trailer

    Drugulation is a doom-style shooting game made with MYSTERY Jam’s game assets only. (all MYSTERY Jam participants were required to only use the shared assets for their game)

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  • Jolt Motor Company

    Jolt Motor Company

    Jolt is a motor company in Esyverse founded in 1960. It started as a car manufacturing company, but over the years; it started to make all types of vehicles including trucks, bikes, plane engines, electric cars and even racing cars. Examples of Jolt Products Kimya drives a Jolt sports car to escape her creator’s factory Jolt Hex…

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  • Livethink Corporation

    Livethink Corporation

    Livethink is a large corporation in Esyverse that specializes in robotics and technology. It was founded in 2002 and one of its first services was its internet search engine, Quecto, which is very popular even today. Co-founders of Livethink Corporation Mr. Anderson Dr. Bakhshandeh The original founder and current CEO of Livethink is hidden from the public. Only…

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  • Drugulation


    Experience the heaviest drug in the universe without actually trying it!  Drugulation wipes your definition of reality and folds the fabric of your surroundings, and the fun part is that you have a double-barrel shotgun too! Want to get out of the trip? No worries, you just have to find 3 Golden Bowling Pins from…

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