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  • Soulnone


    Soulnone was one of Livethink‘s secret projects taking place on Anahita island. Its main focus was creating humanlike robots that can use Endium as their main power source. All details regarding the Soulnone project are highly classified, but rumors say that the new CEO of Livethink has personally initiated this project with a limited selection…

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  • Anahita Island

    Anahita Island

    Anahita is a 4.2-square-kilometre resort island in the south of Esyverse. Due to its terrible law enforcement, the island was labeled as a criminal’s paradise. Numerous street races and other crime rates were skyrocketing on this tiny island before it was completely bought by Livethink for experimenting with secret projects. In 2085, Livethink‘s Cyan garden project turned this island’s environment into…

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