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  • Shayan


    Shayan Shahpoor was the head of security at Livethink Corporation from 2070 to 2085. He was military-trained and skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. TWO BYTE Kidnapping In November 2075, Shayan was kidnapped by TWO BYTE to forcibly help them with manufacturing cyborgs after their failed Libre project. Shayan managed to escape TWO BYTE‘s factory…

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    TWO BYTE is an undercover company in Esyverse created and fully operated by faulty Livethink robots. In 2010, Livethink started improving AwesomeOS logic with artificial intelligence. By 2015, AwesomeOS could make decisions and chat with its users like a human; and even more intelligent than the average human being. Despite Livethink‘s safety measures, their AI…

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  • Cell-bot


    Cell-bots are capsule-shaped robots manufactured by TWO BYTE to interact and take care of their prisoners. They move on predefined railways and are equipped with a multipurpose magnetic arm and a built-in taser. Every Cell-bot is powered by AwesomeOS and follows orders divided into “Sequences” that result in a “Situation”, determining the Sequence to follow…

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  • Libre


    Libre is a codename for TWO BYTE‘s humanoid robots. They wanted to operate and trade with other humans as a company, so they realized the only viable way to do that was to look like one. In 2074, TWO BYTE hacked Soulnone servers and stole classified documents to manufacture their own line of robots. Libres…

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  • Cute Adblocker Trailer

    Cute Adblocker Trailer

    Cute Adblocker is a story-rich game about shooting advertisements.

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  • Livethink Corporation

    Livethink Corporation

    Livethink is a large corporation in Esyverse that specializes in robotics and technology. It was founded in 2002 and one of its first services was its internet search engine, Quecto, which is very popular even today. Co-founders of Livethink Corporation Mr. Anderson Dr. Bakhshandeh The original founder and current CEO of Livethink is hidden from the public. Only…

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  • Esyverse Universe

    Esyverse Universe

    Why is Esyverse Created? Esyverse is a fictional country (and sort of a universe) where most of the Esyverse games take place. Unlike the real world, anything can happen in Esyverse and any name, place or event can be labeled “fictional” since it is happening within Esyverse! I can use brand names that don’t exist and…

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  • Cute Adblocker

    Cute Adblocker

    Cute Adblocker is a Retro style Shooting Game where you kill Advertisements instead of people. You are a lonely man named Shayan who has been jailed. You must find your way out of the prison by destroying floating Ads in your way; with the guidance of a clumsy humanoid, Libre. There are many types of advertisements…

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