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  • Paralizonic


    Paralizonic Corporation is a multinational electronics company in Esyverse. They create many sorts of electronic devices and gadgets from TV screens to digital cameras.

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  • CHOKH Energy Drink

    CHOKH Energy Drink

    CHOKH is a high-power energy drink created by EsyDrinks. It’s packed inside blue 1-liter bottles or cyan 250-ml cans and is considered one of the most popular soft drinks in Esyverse. Since its launch in 1995, more than 200 billion bottles of super CHOKH have been sold worldwide. In 2002, after numerous complaints of the energy…

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  • Mendy


    Mendy is a medication used to cure muscle damage, restore blood loss, and general pain reliever. It was developed by Prof. Amini as a part of his research in Livethink. Upon entering the blood circulation, Mendy’s agents detect and heal any external and internal damage done to muscle tissues similar to the human body’s regenerative…

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  • Gelofen 500

    Gelofen 500

    Gelofen 500 is the only item in Esyverse whose name is taken from a real-world brand name, Gelofen®; with the difference that the Iranian version contains way fewer capsules than the Esyverse version and the packaging looks different: In Esyverse, a Gelofen bottle contains 200 capsules and each capsule contains 500mg of Ibuprofen while in…

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    REDACTED was EsyDrinks‘ main tester and one of the lead producers. He started working there in 2003 and has been awarded Employee of the Month three times. One of his greatest inventions was the “super CHOKH” energy drink which is very popular even today. REDACTED contracted a rare disease after he tested the first prototype of the SHASH energy…

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  • Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson

    Afshin Anderson, commonly referred to as “Mr. Anderson”, is one of Livethink‘s co-founders and a lead scientist. He was born in Mehregan on 20 June 1979. His coworkers claim he has extraordinary intelligence and broad knowledge of science. Bit Jail Incident On 13 October 2008, Mr. Anderson was kidnapped by REDACTED and jailed in his house. A few days later,…

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  • Livethink Corporation

    Livethink Corporation

    Livethink is a large corporation in Esyverse that specializes in robotics and technology. It was founded in 2002 and one of its first services was its internet search engine, Quecto, which is very popular even today. Co-founders of Livethink Corporation Mr. Anderson Dr. Bakhshandeh The original founder and current CEO of Livethink is hidden from the public. Only…

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  • Esyverse Universe

    Esyverse Universe

    Why is Esyverse Created? Esyverse is a fictional country (and sort of a universe) where most of the Esyverse games take place. Unlike the real world, anything can happen in Esyverse and any name, place or event can be labeled “fictional” since it is happening within Esyverse! I can use brand names that don’t exist and…

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  • Bit Jail Mod Tutorial

    Bit Jail Mod Tutorial

    Learn how to add your custom objects in Bit Jail!

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  • Bit Jail Trailer

    Bit Jail Trailer

    Bit Jail is a puzzle game where you are jailed in someone else’s house!

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