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  • Elegant Kimya

    Elegant Kimya

    Kimya wakes up in the trash room of her creator’s company No one else is in the factory Everything is shut down Except for her…  Story Play as a cyborg named Kimya. She unexpectedly wakes up in the trash room of Soulnone company, which created her. But the factory has been abandoned and you must get…

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  • IEP Paper Animations

    IEP Paper Animations

    3 short stop-motion animations from me: Le Parkour, Da Box, and Bridie.

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  • tRIP


    tRIP is an adventure that a desperate game developer takes when he wants to have an out-of-world game idea. There are no instructions, menus, or scores. The main score is to finish the situation the player is in. Our developer won’t find out or remember how he got there, but he will find out a…

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