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  • Esy


    Esy is a 22-year-old streamer in Esyverse. He has over 1 million subscribers on Bebinam platform. His most popular video is his gameplay of Abnormal. Esy is also the main protagonist in Drugulation who takes an experimental drug from Splendtop. He’s played by Ilia Esmaili Poor.

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  • Esyverse Universe

    Esyverse Universe

    Why is Esyverse Created? Esyverse is a fictional country (and sort of a universe) where most of the Esyverse games take place. Unlike the real world, anything can happen in Esyverse and any name, place or event can be labeled “fictional” since it is happening within Esyverse! I can use brand names that don’t exist and…

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  • Abnormal


    Don’t just run and Shoot! In Abnormal, the goal isnโ€™t to just kill anything you see in front of you; but to look and recognize if an enemy is attacking you or if itโ€™s just a friend trying to hug you! If you shoot your GREEN friends, your score is reduced. And yes, your score…

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