Category: Apps

Other non-game programs made by me, for example, my windows apps or simulation programs.

  • Feigned Feeling

    Feigned Feeling

    Feign is an AI robot powered by ChatGPT and DALL·E 2. You can chat with Feign and tell it to bring an apple, draw a picture, or ask if it wants to take over the world. Note: This project requires an OpenAI API key to work. You can obtain one from here: Recently, you also need to enter…

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    This is a demo of a fully modeled 3D classroom made for Roya Bagheri’s game design class. The room design is based on a Western Tehran Islamic Azad University classroom. Objects in this classroom are physics-based and can be interacted with: Instructions You can do some actions in the classroom demo: You can change these…

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  • Cat.exe


    This is a glorious cat meme that apparently was taken from a Java tutorial book.  That meme shows powerful displays from the peasant programming language; and was quite a move from C#’s enemy which was left unanswered. Since other C# developers are busy debugging their NullReferenceException errors in Stack Overflow; I found it necessary to prove our rival wrong by casting their own spell on them. So…

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  • Stick E-Man

    Stick E-Man

    Need help with your computer? Don’t worry, we got you covered! With Stick E-Man you have a stickman assistant on your desktop at your service. He can do special jobs and loves working for you. Deploy him to assist you with your computer stuff, you can ask him to open a certain Windows feature, take a…

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