Backrooms: The Lore

Backrooms: The Lore is an online multiplayer survival game where you play as a wanderer who noclipped out of reality. Collect valuables and survive each level to explore the Backrooms.

This game is vaguely based on the Wikidot website for Backrooms and is currently in development.

10 responses to “Backrooms: The Lore”

  1. Muhammad aldo pradopo Avatar
    Muhammad aldo pradopo

    Pendaftaran nya sagat susah Tolong kasih tutor

    Translation: Registration is very difficult. Please give a tutor

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      Press “Create a new account” then enter a username. After that, enter a password and press “Check” to register a new account 🙂

  2. BL1Z33 Avatar

    Hi! Really like Backrooms: The Lore, just wondering if you can friend people or play with your friends.

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      Hello, of course you can play with your friends! Just create a private game with a special code and give that code to your friend. Your friend then needs to also click on “Private Game” and enter the same code to join you in Backrooms 🙂

      Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have any feature to add your friends to a friends list yet :]

  3. amie louise Avatar
    amie louise

    how do you play i downloaded it but theres so many files which one do i press?

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      It depends on what type of device you want to play on. If you have a tablet or phone, you download the Android version.

  4. Waffle_Chara Avatar

    Its a good game but when i go to level 2 it glitches and freezes i can not play level 2 please fix bug

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      You can play on another device or try the PC version.

  5. Cruz angel Martínez cidrian Avatar

    Si me gusta
    Translation: Yes I like it

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      Thank you very much 😊 if you want me to work on this game, please consider donating money so that I won’t move on to other projects 🙃

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