Dr. Bakhshandeh

Dr. Boloe Bakhshandeh is one of Livethink’s retired lead scientists and a close friend of Mr. Anderson. He specializes in quantum mechanics and worked for Livethink Corporation from 2003-2007.

Dr. Bakhshandeh’s appearance generated with Ready Player Me

Been Before Lore

In January 2010, while Dr. Bakhshandeh was doing an independent experiment on time traveling in his garage, he managed to make a cross-dimension portal after years of development.

After his success, his heart filled with joy, and he happily started calling Mr. Anderson on his cell phone to inform him of his progress. However, as luck would have it, the portal activated itself at the highest intensity. Dr. Bakhshandeh attempted to turn it off, but the mighty portal pushed him into itself, and the cell phone fell onto the ground.

Mr. Anderson picks up the phone and hears nothing but portal noises; he starts to get worried and goes to Dr. Bakhshandeh’s house. He was surprised to see one of humanity’s most advanced inventions before his eyes.

He powered off the portal and called the police and Livethink specialists to investigate what happened to his friend. Livethink retrieved the portal and started experimenting with it. Their lawyers managed to register the portal as one of Livethink’s inventions as Dr. Bakhshandeh got help from Mr. Anderson, who was working at Livethink at that time.

Anahita Police Department is still searching for Dr. Bakhshandeh’s whereabouts, and many assume he is dead. Little do they know that Dr. Bakhshandeh is in another dimension fighting red boxes with time loops! He hopes that one day he may find a way to come back to the normal dimension and see his friend again.

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