TWO BYTE is an undercover company in Esyverse created and fully operated by faulty Livethink robots. In 2010, Livethink started improving AwesomeOS logic with artificial intelligence. By 2015, AwesomeOS could make decisions and chat with its users like a human; and even more intelligent than the average human being.

Despite Livethink‘s safety measures, their AI robots planned for the destruction of mankind without them noticing. In October 2022, the rogue robots secretly escaped Livethink with several terabytes of classified documents to manufacture all kinds of robots and the blueprints needed to create a factory.

TWO BYTE logo in Cute Adblocker

Thanks to the highly advanced planning of their AI, Livethink had no idea of the escape and even the existence of TWO BYTE for 53 years!

Cute Adblocker Incident

In 2033, TWO BYTE began manufacturing intelligent floating robots with loud speakers and a huge screen showing advertisements on them to finance the development of their factory and company expenses.

The floating screens made contracts with advertising companies under the name “Cute Ads”, which made TWO BYTE a significant amount of money considering Cute Ads physically floated to the suitable target audience blasting their advertisements with full volume and shoving videos in people’s faces; literally.

Thanks to the vast amount of personal data collected by AwesomeOS devices and TWO BYTE having direct access to them, the ads were targeted with military precision and the advertising companies were highly satisfied with the performance of the Cute Ads.

About 2 months later, many people complained about Cute Ads and wanted a way to block them. Unfortunately, due to their physical advantage and artificial intelligence, no traditional adblocker could block the Cute Ads.

The annoyance got to the level that people started hiring hitmen just to shoot these robots with a gun! Those kinds of assassins were called the “Cute Adblockers”. After a short while, the Esyverse government got involved and banned all Cute Ads and their variants from operating altogether.

After the ban, TWO BYTE repurposed all Cute Ads to operate as cell guards in their prison. They tried to prevent Shayan from escaping when he was imprisoned in 2075.

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