Shayan Shahpoor was the head of security at Livethink Corporation from 2070 to 2085. He was military-trained and skilled in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship.

Shayan’s appearance generated with Ready Player Me

TWO BYTE Kidnapping

In November 2075, Shayan was kidnapped by TWO BYTE to forcibly help them with manufacturing cyborgs after their failed Libre project.

Shayan managed to escape TWO BYTE‘s factory with the help of a rogue Libre robot, but once he exited the factory, he passed out in a Jolt sedan.

The car had no license plates or VIN and was parked in an abandoned area of Anahita Island when he woke up. Shayan only remembered what the interior of the factory looked like and the fact that he possibly passed out when he entered the only car in the garage

Upon further investigation, the police found out that the Jolt‘s autopilot system was remotely activated to bring Shayan to that random location. However, all AwesomeOS software was completely wiped along with the location of the origin. One theory is that TWO BYTE possibly wanted to get rid of Shayan after the damage he had done to them in the Cute Adblocker incident.

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