Libre is a codename for TWO BYTE‘s humanoid robots. They wanted to operate and trade with other humans as a company, so they realized the only viable way to do that was to look like one. In 2074, TWO BYTE hacked Soulnone servers and stole classified documents to manufacture their own line of robots.

Libre’s appearance in Cute Adblocker

Libres are identical to normal humans, with the difference that they’re manufactured as fully grown-up adults with all the necessary skills and memories engraved biologically in their brains as if they were trained their entire lives to be perfect humans to obey TWO BYTE in every way.

Unlike Soulnone cyborgs, there are no microchips or digital hardware installed in Libre robots as a default. However, all Libres on TWO BYTE premises are equipped with combat and hacking cybernetics to protect their company secrets.

Libre v2.0 description in Cute Adblocker‘s Backrooms mission

The First Libre

After obtaining the necessary knowledge about the human brain, TWO BYTE decided to make a prototype of Libre. However, the first version suffered from extreme trust issues and mental problems.

After carefully observing and taking tests from the prototype for several weeks, TWO BYTE robots released Libre from his cell and gave him his first on-site task.

Libre was asked to shoot a human-shaped doll, but upon receiving the pistol, he decided to shoot his guarding Cell-bot instead. This caused the test room to activate a fail-safe system and open the room door for him. Libre escaped TWO BYTE‘s factory and went into hiding. The robots couldn’t find him until the Cute Adblocker incident.

He decided to use his knowledge of hacking against his creator, so he helped and guided Shayan to escape TWO BYTE‘s custody, destroying some of their robots in the process.

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