SHASH is an illegal energy drink originally created by EsyDrinks. After its disastrous prototype test in 2003, EsyDrinks canceled the project and prohibited the development of a similar formula.

It’s rumored to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C4, E, Z, G, G1, Q, W, O, P, F, V, Y, and U. It’s usually distributed in 250 ml yellow cans and contains a slightly transparent yellow liquid that is said to taste like a combination of lemonade and human urine.

The 3D appearance of SHASH in Drugulation

In 2005, the Splendtop crew publicly announced that they had been manufacturing and distributing SHASH with its original recipe obtained from an anonymous EsyDrinks employee. Splendtop has altered the recipe in a way that the side effects are reduced to avoid turning the user into a monster like what happened to REDACTED.

SHASH’s description in Drugulation

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