Mendy is a medication used to cure muscle damage, restore blood loss, and general pain reliever. It was developed by Prof. Amini as a part of his research in Livethink.

Upon entering the blood circulation, Mendy’s agents detect and heal any external and internal damage done to muscle tissues similar to the human body’s regenerative function. This means that Mendy can’t grow back a missing arm or leg, but it’s highly effective for healing gunshot wounds and regenerating its user’s blood.

Mendy’s appearance in Drugulation

The prototype version of Mendy was tested on Mr. Anderson in 2008 because of the Bit Jail incident. After its spectacular result, the development of this medicine progressed faster thanks to the data collected from Mr. Anderson‘s test. The final version of Mendy was distributed to the public in autoinjectors after getting the necessary approvals in 2011.

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