Gelofen 500

Gelofen 500 is the only item in Esyverse whose name is taken from a real-world brand name, Gelofen®; with the difference that the Iranian version contains way fewer capsules than the Esyverse version and the packaging looks different:

The real-life version of Gelofen® 400 medicine
The 3D appearance of Gelofen in Drugulation

In Esyverse, a Gelofen bottle contains 200 capsules and each capsule contains 500mg of Ibuprofen while in Iran, a Gelofen capsule only contains 200-400mg of Ibuprofen.

Gelofen 500 appearance in Bit Jail

Gelofen is used as a general pain killer. However, if combined with illegal drugs like in Drugulation, it can have supernatural effects.

Gelofen description in Drugulation tutorial level

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