REDACTED was EsyDrinks‘ main tester and one of the lead producers. He started working there in 2003 and has been awarded Employee of the Month three times. One of his greatest inventions was the “super CHOKH” energy drink which is very popular even today.

REDACTED contracted a rare disease after he tested the first prototype of the SHASH energy drink; which some say turned him into a monster, physically and mentally.

A portrait of REDACTED hanged in his house seen in Bit Jail

SHASH incident

After the first stages of SHASH development in 2003, REDACTED volunteered to test the first prototype of his formula himself. One of EsyDrinks scientists describes the test day:

“We were all concerned about everything that was used in SHASH; but REDACTED was so proud of his creation that he decided to just test it himself.

He popped open the can and sipped a little from that prototype, then he froze in place and didn’t say anything. He usually says a billion things about a sip from the drinks but this time he was just standing there and looking at the can.

I asked him “Well, REDACTED how was it?” He stared at me with wide eyes, his eye pupils started growing rapidly and he went for a huge sip from SHASH again.

We always prepare a medical group for new test prototypes and called them as fast as we could; but REDACTED started to act very strange after the second sip: his body began to grow and his eye pupils covered all of his eyes, like his eye sockets were empty. He seemed to gain some kind of a super power to move quickly. We and the medical group tried to catch him in first 10 seconds but he escaped in a blink.

As we were confused and analyzing what happened, the main entrance alarm rang 2 seconds after his escape from test room. There is a 200 meter distance from test room to entrance door! Our 720 FPS Paralizonic cameras caught him in one frame escaping EsyDrinks building, fat and naked.”

After its prototype test, the SHASH drink was rejected for obvious reasons and EsyDrinks prohibited usage of its formula or anything similar in future drinks.

Current status

The whereabouts of REDACTED were unknown until the Bit Jail incident in 2008 revealed that he had been living in an abandoned apartment for 2 years and started a family with a boy and a girl who inherited his godly powers. After the police investigated his apartment for evidence, they found out that he packed all of his belongings and moved out with his children before they came to the scene. The mother of those children is not found yet.

REDACTED’s apartment seen in Bit Jail

Many say that REDACTED used EsyDrinks and Livethink technology to create a weapon and use it for a goal. All we know is that he is still alive and possibly with his powers. One reason could be his real name not being written or said anywhere: Whenever we try to write REDACTED on this website, it becomes redacted, and any person saying his name is being killed instantly possibly by himself in a very fast manner.

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