Esyverse Universe

Why is Esyverse Created?

Esyverse is a fictional country (and sort of a universe) where most of the Esyverse games take place. Unlike the real world, anything can happen in Esyverse and any name, place or event can be labeled “fictional” since it is happening within Esyverse!

I can use brand names that don’t exist and don’t worry about copyright laws or licensing fees.


Many game developers mimic real-life brands and only change small things. In Esyverse, every brand is unique and holds history.
Whether it be a big corporation with questionable morals like Livethink or an old motors company that turned out to make all types of vehicles like Jolt.


Characters create stories and stories are a crucial part of most games. That’s why in Esyverse, there are different people with varied personalities.
For instance Mr. Anderson the scientist, or Jeremy who was created by Combination Jam 2021 participants.


Most of the Esyverse games take place in the Esyverse universe. Even when having different art styles or environments, you can still find references and characters relating to it. Like playing as Dr. Anderson in Bit Jail and also seeing him as an NPC in Jeremy’s Adventures.

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