Bit Jail

Bit Jail is an escape room game with an MS Paint theme. Play as Mr. Anderson who has been jailed in a house. Solve puzzles to find two house keys and escape the jail, or at least try to escape…


This Game is a Paint Jam entry and follows these challenges:

  • Entire Graphics are drawn with the mouse in Microsoft Paint.
  •  Only used the default brush, default palette, and Comic Sans font.
  •  Entire sounds are recorded by mouth voices.
  • Made in 2 days (Okay maybe 3)


  • Mods are only supported on the Windows version.
  • Some browser shortcuts (Like chrome’s Ctrl+W) might alter your gameplay!
  • I need to test the Mac build of Bit Jail! If you’re a Mac OS user, please tell me in the comments whether it works or not. Thank you!

2 responses to “Bit Jail”

  1. Iosonoilcaprone Avatar

    Loved the game

    1. Ilia Esmaili Poor Avatar

      I’m glad you liked it ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you very much!

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