This is a demo of a fully modeled 3D classroom made for Roya Bagheri’s game design class. The room design is based on a Western Tehran Islamic Azad University classroom.

Objects in this classroom are physics-based and can be interacted with:

  • Use the light switch to turn off/on the lights in class.
  • Press any key on the laptop to start a sample video from the projector.
  • You can pick up some objects like the flashlight and light bulb on the table.
  • Roll up/down the projector panel by interacting with it.
  • Use the markers to draw anywhere. Different colors are hidden in class. Find them all!
  • If you feel playful; you can smash chairs to create some chaos :)))


You can do some actions in the classroom demo:

  • Walk around with A, W, S, D.
  • Run with left shift.
  • Crouch with the left control.
  • Jump with space.
  • Interact with objects in class with E or left mouse.
  • Pick up or drop objects with the right mouse.
  • Zoom in or out with Z.

You can change these keys or bind the joystick, game pad, or other input devices in the game launcher dialog. There are some tips at the bottom-left that guide you based on what situation you are in and can be turned off or on with T.

Unity Source

Buy the Unity version 2018.2.9f1 source to get access to the full source of this demo.

You’ll get access to:

  • A fully modeled realistic classroom with baked + real-time lightning powered by Progressive light mapping engine.
  • Clean physically based rendered models of classroom objects rigged from the classroom’s base model: Wooden door, Student’s chair, Teacher’s chair, Teacher’s table, Laptop, Flashlight, Light bulb, and a projector. Most of these models have Albedo, Normal map, and Roughness textures on Unity’s standard shader.
  • A playable demo game with Unity’s character controller, Interactions, and Actions C# scripts with a simple procedure to make new intractable objects.
  • Simple and elegant UI for interacting with objects and pause menu with sub-menus.
  • 3D drawing system which uses Unity’s trail renderer and has a fully customizable script + an eraser with separate code. 

Note that you can edit, share and use anything you want in this project as long as you give proper credit in your final project (Credit example: Some 3D assets and codes made by Ilia Esmaili Poor (https://esyverse.itch.io))

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