tRIP is an adventure that a desperate game developer takes when he wants to have an out-of-world game idea.

There are no instructions, menus, or scores. The main score is to finish the situation the player is in.

Our developer won’t find out or remember how he got there, but he will find out a way out of these dreams; because he would make the way out of it himself, and after that, he won’t even remember the whole nightmare.

Important notes for those who want to download:

  • There is a tester password lock on the game load. Just unintentionally write “nonetnoproblemo”  when the IEP logo appears.
  • The development of this game is canceled. Please don’t report any bugs since it won’t be updated.
  • This game might crash on load and drop a crash.dmp file on some computers.
  • Ignore “tRIP’s Testers Agreement”.

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