Bringing You Joy Since 2010


More than 20 small games in different genres like Racing, FPS, Hyper casual, you name it.


I used to create videos before I started to focus more on making games and apps.

Other Apps

I also develop simulation applications like WTIAU and non-game programs.

Recent Posts

  • Legless RADALs Trailer

    Legless RADALs Trailer

    Legless RADALs is a silly fan game I made for RADAL’s editing tournament.

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  • Legless RADALs

    Legless RADALs

    Rob a bank with RADAL in this heist-style game. Acquire weapons from a bunch of bad guys, steal money from one of the largest banks in the city and escape the local police. This game is meant to run on high-end computers. If the game is lagging for you, lower the graphic settings in the main menu!

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  • Elegant Kimya Trailer

    Elegant Kimya Trailer

    Elegant Kimya is a faulty cyborg who magically got rebooted in the trash room of the company that created her. She has to find bits of an endless power source called Endium to get out of the abandoned factory. The trailer for Elegant got a bit distorted for some reason, especially in the water scene…

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